Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is your software genuine?
A: Yes, all of our software is directly from Microsoft or the vendor. This is not pirated or cracked software. It is 100% guaranteed genuine.


Q: How are you able to sell it for cheap? You sell it for up to 80% less than retail.
A: Because we buy our products in bulk (thousands at a time), we are able to get really big discounts. We also have a very low mark up on our products, so we do not make huge profit.


Q: Is there any difference between your keys and the ones you buy at the store?
A: The only difference between our keys and the ones you buy at the store is that ours cost a LOT less.


Q: Why is my order status still pending?
A: Orders can take up to 24 hours to process, exclusive of weekends. An additional 24-hour delay can occur if an order is reviewed to protect against fraudulent credit card use.  If your order status is still pending after three working days and the availability date has passed, please contact us.


Q: How fast will you process my products?
A: We will process your order as fast as possible, normally within 24hrs.



 Q: How do I download your products?
A: We will send you email with the order confirmation and then follow by another email that will include your products instruction and downloads.




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